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squeeze; ‘keep a good heart, and bless thee. Beatten the
schoolmeasther! ‘Cod it’s the best thing a’ve heerd this twonty

So saying, and indulging, with more delicacy than might have
been expected from him, in another series of loud laughs, for the
purpose of avoiding the thanks which Nicholas poured forth, John
Browdie set spurs to his horse, and went off at a smart canter:
looking back, from time to time, as Nicholas stood gazing after
him, and waving his hand cheerily, as if to encourage him on his
way. Nicholas watched the horse and rider until they disappeared
over the brow of a distant hill, and then set forward on his journey.

He did not travel far that afternoon, for by this time it was
nearly dark, and there had been a heavy fall of snow, which not
only rendered the way toilsome, but the track uncertain and
difficult to find, after daylight, save by experienced wayfarers. He
lay, that night, at a cottage, where beds were let at a cheap rate to
the more humble class of travellers; and, rising betimes next
morning, made his way before night to Boroughbridge. Passing
through that town in search of some cheap resting-place, he
stumbled upon an empty barn within a couple of hundred yards of
the roadside; in a warm corner of which, he stretched his weary
limbs, and soon fell asleep.

When he awoke next morning, and tried to recollect his dreams,
which had been all connected with his recent sojourn at
Dotheboys Hall, he sat up, rubbed his eyes and stared--not with
the most composed countenance possible--at some motionless
object which seemed to be stationed within a few yards in front of

‘Strange!’ cried Nicholas; ‘can this be some lingering creation of

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