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little, and smiled sarcastically to each other, as much as to say how
very good that was!

‘Here she is,’ continued Miss Knag, getting off the box, and
introducing Kate with much ceremony and many low curtseys to
the delighted throng; ‘here she is--everybody is talking about
her--the belle, ladies--the beauty, the--oh, you bold-faced thing!’

At this crisis, Miss Knag was unable to repress a virtuous
shudder, which immediately communicated itself to all the young
ladies; after which, Miss Knag laughed, and after that, cried.

‘For fifteen years,’ exclaimed Miss Knag, sobbing in a most
affecting manner, ‘for fifteen years have I been the credit and
ornament of this room and the one upstairs. Thank God,’ said Miss
Knag, stamping first her right foot and then her left with
remarkable energy, ‘I have never in all that time, till now, been
exposed to the arts, the vile arts, of a creature, who disgraces us
with all her proceedings, and makes proper people blush for
themselves. But I feel it, I do feel it, although I am disgusted.’

Miss Knag here relapsed into softness, and the young ladies
renewing their attentions, murmured that she ought to be
superior to such things, and that for their part they despised them,
and considered them beneath their notice; in witness whereof,
they called out, more emphatically than before, that it was a
shame, and that they felt so angry, they did, they hardly knew
what to do with themselves.

‘Have I lived to this day to be called a fright!’ cried Miss Knag,
suddenly becoming convulsive, and making an effort to tear her
front off.

‘Oh no, no,’ replied the chorus, ‘pray don’t say so; don’t now!’
‘Have I deserved to be called an elderly person?’ screamed Miss

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