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hitherto, took the hint, and laying his finger on his lip, sunk his
voice still lower. There was, then, a great deal of whispering,
during which Madame Mantalini appeared to make reference,
more than once, to certain debts incurred by Mr Mantalini
previous to her coverture; and also to an unexpected outlay of
money in payment of the aforesaid debts; and furthermore, to
certain agreeable weaknesses on that gentleman’s part, such as
gaming, wasting, idling, and a tendency to horse-flesh; each of
which matters of accusation Mr Mantalini disposed of, by one kiss
or more, as its relative importance demanded. The upshot of it all
was, that Madame Mantalini was in raptures with him, and that
they went upstairs to breakfast.

Kate busied herself in what she had to do, and was silently
arranging the various articles of decoration in the best taste she
could display, when she started to hear a strange man’s voice in
the room, and started again, to observe, on looking round, that a
white hat, and a red neckerchief, and a broad round face, and a
large head, and part of a green coat were in the room too.

‘Don’t alarm yourself, miss,’ said the proprietor of these
appearances. ‘I say; this here’s the mantie-making consarn, an’t

‘Yes,’ rejoined Kate, greatly astonished. ‘What did you want?’
The stranger answered not; but, first looking back, as though to
beckon to some unseen person outside, came, very deliberately,
into the room, and was closely followed by a little man in brown,
very much the worse for wear, who brought with him a mingled
fumigation of stale tobacco and fresh onions. The clothes of this
gentleman were much bespeckled with flue; and his shoes,
stockings, and nether garments, from his heels to the waist

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