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Here, both Mr and Mrs Wititterly, who had talked rather at the
Nicklebys than to each other, left off speaking, and looked at their
two hearers, with an expression of countenance which seemed to
say, ‘What do you think of all this?’

‘Mrs Wititterly,’ said her husband, addressing himself to Mrs
Nickleby, ‘is sought after and courted by glittering crowds and
brilliant circles. She is excited by the opera, the drama, the fine
arts, the--the--the--’

‘The nobility, my love,’ interposed Mrs Wititterly.
‘The nobility, of course,’ said Mr Wititterly. ‘And the military.
She forms and expresses an immense variety of opinions on an
immense variety of subjects. If some people in public life were
acquainted with Mrs Wititterly’s real opinion of them, they would
not hold their heads, perhaps, quite as high as they do.’
‘Hush, Henry,’ said the lady; ‘this is scarcely fair.’
‘I mention no names, Julia,’ replied Mr Wititterly; ‘and nobody
is injured. I merely mention the circumstance to show that you are
no ordinary person, that there is a constant friction perpetually
going on between your mind and your body; and that you must be
soothed and tended. Now let me hear, dispassionately and calmly,
what are this young lady’s qualifications for the office.’

In obedience to this request, the qualifications were all gone
through again, with the addition of many interruptions and cross-
questionings from Mr Wititterly. It was finally arranged that
inquiries should be made, and a decisive answer addressed to Miss
Nickleby under cover of her uncle, within two days. These
conditions agreed upon, the page showed them down as far as the
staircase window; and the big footman, relieving guard at that
point, piloted them in perfect safety to the street-door.

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