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Chapter 3

Mr Ralph Nickleby receives Sad Tidings of his
Brother, but bears up nobly against the Intelligence
communicated to him. The Reader is informed how
he liked Nicholas, who is herein introduced, and
how kindly he proposed to make his Fortune at

Having rendered his zealous assistance towards
dispatching the lunch, with all that promptitude and
energy which are among the most important qualities
that men of business can possess, Mr Ralph Nickleby took a
cordial farewell of his fellow-speculators, and bent his steps
westward in unwonted good humour. As he passed St Paul’s he
stepped aside into a doorway to set his watch, and with his hand
on the key and his eye on the cathedral dial, was intent upon so
doing, when a man suddenly stopped before him. It was Newman

‘Ah! Newman,’ said Mr Nickleby, looking up as he pursued his
occupation. ‘The letter about the mortgage has come, has it? I
thought it would.’

‘Wrong,’ replied Newman.
‘What! and nobody called respecting it?’ inquired Mr Nickleby,
pausing. Noggs shook his head.

‘What has come, then?’ inquired Mr Nickleby.
‘I have,’ said Newman.

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