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the pump and tubs in by-the-bye--Juliet Miss Snevellicci, old
Grudden the nurse.--Yes, that’ll do very well. Rover too;--you
might get up Rover while you were about it, and Cassio, and
Jeremy Diddler. You can easily knock them off; one part helps the
other so much. Here they are, cues and all.’

With these hasty general directions Mr Crummles thrust a
number of little books into the faltering hands of Nicholas, and
bidding his eldest son go with him and show where lodgings were
to be had, shook him by the hand, and wished him good night.

There is no lack of comfortable furnished apartments in
Portsmouth, and no difficulty in finding some that are
proportionate to very slender finances; but the former were too
good, and the latter too bad, and they went into so many houses,
and came out unsuited, that Nicholas seriously began to think he
should be obliged to ask permission to spend the night in the
theatre, after all.

Eventually, however, they stumbled upon two small rooms up
three pair of stairs, or rather two pair and a ladder, at a
tobacconist’s shop, on the Common Hard: a dirty street leading
down to the dockyard. These Nicholas engaged, only too happy to
have escaped any request for payment of a week’s rent

‘There! Lay down our personal property, Smike,’ he said, after
showing young Crummles downstairs. ‘We have fallen upon
strange times, and Heaven only knows the end of them; but I am
tired with the events of these three days, and will postpone
reflection till tomorrow--if I can.’

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