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‘Let me see,’ said Nicholas. ‘You play the faithful and attached
servant; you are turned out of doors with the wife and child.’

‘Always coupled with that infernal phenomenon,’ sighed Mr
Folair; ‘and we go into poor lodgings, where I won’t take any
wages, and talk sentiment, I suppose?’

‘Why--yes,’ replied Nicholas: ‘that is the course of the piece.’
‘I must have a dance of some kind, you know,’ said Mr Folair.
‘You’ll have to introduce one for the phenomenon, so you’d better
make a pas de deux, and save time.’

‘There’s nothing easier than that,’ said Mr Lenville, observing
the disturbed looks of the young dramatist.

‘Upon my word I don’t see how it’s to be done,’ rejoined

‘Why, isn’t it obvious?’ reasoned Mr Lenville. ‘Gadzooks, who
can help seeing the way to do it?--you astonish me! You get the
distressed lady, and the little child, and the attached servant, into
the poor lodgings, don’t you?--Well, look here. The distressed lady
sinks into a chair, and buries her face in her pocket-handkerchief.
“What makes you weep, mama?” says the child. “Don’t weep,
mama, or you’ll make me weep too!”--“And me!” says the
favourite servant, rubbing his eyes with his arm. “What can we do
to raise your spirits, dear mama?” says the little child. “Ay, what
can we do?” says the faithful servant. “Oh, Pierre!” says the
distressed lady; “would that I could shake off these painful
thoughts.”--“Try, ma’am, try,” says the faithful servant; “rouse
yourself, ma’am; be amused.”--“I will,” says the lady, “I will learn
to suffer with fortitude. Do you remember that dance, my honest
friend, which, in happier days, you practised with this sweet
angel? It never failed to calm my spirits then. Oh! let me see it

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