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omitting something in this place, and adding something in that,
Miss Snevellicci pledged herself to a bill of fare which was
comprehensive enough, if it had no other merit (it included among
other trifles, four pieces, divers songs, a few combats, and several
dances); and they returned home, pretty well exhausted with the
business of the day.

Nicholas worked away at the piece, which was speedily put into
rehearsal, and then worked away at his own part, which he
studied with great perseverance and acted--as the whole company
said--to perfection. And at length the great day arrived. The crier
was sent round, in the morning, to proclaim the entertainments
with the sound of bell in all the thoroughfares; and extra bills of
three feet long by nine inches wide, were dispersed in all
directions, flung down all the areas, thrust under all the knockers,
and developed in all the shops. They were placarded on all the
walls too, though not with complete success, for an illiterate
person having undertaken this office during the indisposition of
the regular bill-sticker, a part were posted sideways, and the
remainder upside down.

At half-past five, there was a rush of four people to the gallery-
door; at a quarter before six, there were at least a dozen; at six
o’clock the kicks were terrific; and when the elder Master
Crummles opened the door, he was obliged to run behind it for his
life. Fifteen shillings were taken by Mrs Grudden in the first ten

Behind the scenes, the same unwonted excitement prevailed.
Miss Snevellicci was in such a perspiration that the paint would
scarcely stay on her face. Mrs Crummles was so nervous that she
could hardly remember her part. Miss Bravassa’s ringlets came

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