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to hear that you have enough of feeling left to be so.í

The quarrel appearing to terminate with this reply, Mrs
Lillyvick considered that the fittest occasion (the attention of the
company being no longer distracted) to burst into tears, and
require the assistance of all four bridesmaids, which was
immediately rendered, though not without some confusion, for the
room being small and the table-cloth long, a whole detachment of
plates were swept off the board at the very first move. Regardless
of this circumstance, however, Mrs Lillyvick refused to be
comforted until the belligerents had passed their words that the
dispute should be carried no further, which, after a sufficient show
of reluctance, they did, and from that time Mr Folair sat in moody
silence, contenting himself with pinching Nicholasís leg when
anything was said, and so expressing his contempt both for the
speaker and the sentiments to which he gave utterance.

There were a great number of speeches made; some by
Nicholas, and some by Crummles, and some by the collector; two
by the Master Crummleses in returning thanks for themselves,
and one by the phenomenon on behalf of the bridesmaids, at
which Mrs Crummles shed tears. There was some singing, too,
from Miss Ledrook and Miss Bravassa, and very likely there might
have been more, if the fly-driver, who stopped to drive the happy
pair to the spot where they proposed to take steamboat to Ryde,
had not sent in a peremptory message intimating, that if they
didnít come directly he should infallibly demand eighteen-pence
over and above his agreement.

This desperate threat effectually broke up the party. After a
most pathetic leave-taking, Mr Lillyvick and his bride departed for
Ryde, where they were to spend the next two days in profound

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