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extreme politeness of her new friends would not allow them to
leave until it actually started, when they took their hats, as Mrs
Nickleby solemnly assured her hearers on many subsequent
occasions, ‘completely off,’ and kissed their straw-coloured kid
gloves till they were no longer visible.

Mrs Nickleby leant back in the furthest corner of the
conveyance, and, closing her eyes, resigned herself to a host of
most pleasing meditations. Kate had never said a word about
having met either of these gentlemen; ‘that,’ she thought, ‘argues
that she is strongly prepossessed in favour of one of them.’ Then
the question arose, which one could it be. The lord was the
youngest, and his title was certainly the grandest; still Kate was
not the girl to be swayed by such considerations as these. ‘I will
never put any constraint upon her inclinations,’ said Mrs Nickleby
to herself; ‘but upon my word I think there’s no comparison
between his lordship and Sir Mulberry--Sir Mulberry is such an
attentive gentlemanly creature, so much manner, such a fine man,
and has so much to say for himself. I hope it’s Sir Mulberry--I
think it must be Sir Mulberry!’ And then her thoughts flew back to
her old predictions, and the number of times she had said, that
Kate with no fortune would marry better than other people’s
daughters with thousands; and, as she pictured with the
brightness of a mother’s fancy all the beauty and grace of the poor
girl who had struggled so cheerfully with her new life of hardship
and trial, her heart grew too full, and the tears trickled down her

Meanwhile, Ralph walked to and fro in his little back-office,
troubled in mind by what had just occurred. To say that Ralph
loved or cared for--in the most ordinary acceptation of those

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