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Chapter 27

Mrs Nickleby becomes acquainted with Messrs
Pyke and Pluck, whose Affection and Interest are
beyond all Bounds.

Mrs Nickleby had not felt so proud and important for
many a day, as when, on reaching home, she gave
herself wholly up to the pleasant visions which had
accompanied her on her way thither. Lady Mulberry Hawk--that
was the prevalent idea. Lady Mulberry Hawk!--On Tuesday last,
at St George’s, Hanover Square, by the Right Reverend the
Bishop of Llandaff, Sir Mulberry Hawk, of Mulberry Castle, North
Wales, to Catherine, only daughter of the late Nicholas Nickleby,
Esquire, of Devonshire. ‘Upon my word!’ cried Mrs Nicholas
Nickleby, ‘it sounds very well.’

Having dispatched the ceremony, with its attendant festivities,
to the perfect satisfaction of her own mind, the sanguine mother
pictured to her imagination a long train of honours and
distinctions which could not fail to accompany Kate in her new
and brilliant sphere. She would be presented at court, of course.
On the anniversary of her birthday, which was upon the
nineteenth of July (‘at ten minutes past three o’clock in the
morning,’ thought Mrs Nickleby in a parenthesis, ‘for I recollect
asking what o’clock it was’), Sir Mulberry would give a great feast
to all his tenants, and would return them three and a half per cent
on the amount of their last half-year’s rent, as would be fully
described and recorded in the fashionable intelligence, to the

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