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‘Upon my soul!’ exclaimed Sir Mulberry, as though quietly
communing with himself; passing his arm round her waist as he
spoke, ‘she looks more beautiful, and I like her better in this mood,
than when her eyes are cast down, and she is in perfect repose!’

How Kate reached the lobby where her friends were waiting
she never knew, but she hurried across it without at all regarding
them, and disengaged herself suddenly from her companion,
sprang into the coach, and throwing herself into its darkest corner
burst into tears.

Messrs Pyke and Pluck, knowing their cue, at once threw the
party into great commotion by shouting for the carriages, and
getting up a violent quarrel with sundry inoffensive bystanders; in
the midst of which tumult they put the affrighted Mrs Nickleby in
her chariot, and having got her safely off, turned their thoughts to
Mrs Wititterly, whose attention also they had now effectually
distracted from the young lady, by throwing her into a state of the
utmost bewilderment and consternation. At length, the
conveyance in which she had come rolled off too with its load, and
the four worthies, being left alone under the portico, enjoyed a
hearty laugh together.

‘There,’ said Sir Mulberry, turning to his noble friend. ‘Didn’t I
tell you last night that if we could find where they were going by
bribing a servant through my fellow, and then established
ourselves close by with the mother, these people’s honour would
be our own? Why here it is, done in four-and-twenty hours.’

‘Ye--es,’ replied the dupe. ‘But I have been tied to the old
woman all ni-ight.’

‘Hear him,’ said Sir Mulberry, turning to his two friends. ‘Hear
this discontented grumbler. Isn’t it enough to make a man swear

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