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taking a public farewell of Nicholas; and to render it the more
imposing, he was now, to that young gentlemanís most profound
annoyance, inflicting upon him a rapid succession of stage
embraces, which, as everybody knows, are performed by the
embracerís laying his or her chin on the shoulder of the object of
affection, and looking over it. This Mr Crummles did in the highest
style of melodrama, pouring forth at the same time all the most
dismal forms of farewell he could think of, out of the stock pieces.
Nor was this all, for the elder Master Crummles was going through
a similar ceremony with Smike; while Master Percy Crummles,
with a very little second-hand camlet cloak, worn theatrically over
his left shoulder, stood by, in the attitude of an attendant officer,
waiting to convey the two victims to the scaffold.

The lookers-on laughed very heartily, and as it was as well to
put a good face upon the matter, Nicholas laughed too when he
had succeeded in disengaging himself; and rescuing the
astonished Smike, climbed up to the coach roof after him, and
kissed his hand in honour of the absent Mrs Crummles as they
rolled away.

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