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inn itself garnished with another Saracen’s Head, frowns upon
you from the top of the yard; while from the door of the hind boot
of all the red coaches that are standing therein, there glares a
small Saracen’s Head, with a twin expression to the large
Saracens’ Heads below, so that the general appearance of the pile
is decidedly of the Saracenic order.

When you walk up this yard, you will see the booking-office on
your left, and the tower of St Sepulchre’s church, darting abruptly
up into the sky, on your right, and a gallery of bedrooms on both
sides. Just before you, you will observe a long window with the
words ‘coffee-room’ legibly painted above it; and looking out of
that window, you would have seen in addition, if you had gone at
the right time, Mr Wackford Squeers with his hands in his

Mr Squeers’s appearance was not prepossessing. He had but
one eye, and the popular prejudice runs in favour of two. The eye
he had, was unquestionably useful, but decidedly not ornamental:
being of a greenish grey, and in shape resembling the fan-light of a
street door. The blank side of his face was much wrinkled and
puckered up, which gave him a very sinister appearance,
especially when he smiled, at which times his expression bordered
closely on the villainous. His hair was very flat and shiny, save at
the ends, where it was brushed stiffly up from a low protruding
forehead, which assorted well with his harsh voice and coarse
manner. He was about two or three and fifty, and a trifle below the
middle size; he wore a white neckerchief with long ends, and a suit
of scholastic black; but his coat sleeves being a great deal too long,
and his trousers a great deal too short, he appeared ill at ease in
his clothes, and as if he were in a perpetual state of astonishment

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