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easy to say cheer up, but if you had as many occasions to cheer up
as I have had--and there,’ said Mrs Nickleby, stopping short.
‘Think of Mr Pyke and Mr Pluck, two of the most perfect
gentlemen that ever lived, what am I too say to them--what can I
say to them? Why, if I was to say to them, “I’m told your friend Sir
Mulberry is a base wretch,” they’d laugh at me.’

‘They will laugh no more at us, I take it,’ said Nicholas,
advancing. ‘Come, mother, there is a coach at the door, and until
Monday, at all events, we will return to our old quarters.’

‘--Where everything is ready, and a hearty welcome into the
bargain,’ added Miss La Creevy. ‘Now, let me go with you

But Mrs Nickleby was not to be so easily moved, for first she
insisted on going upstairs to see that nothing had been left, and
then on going downstairs to see that everything had been taken
away; and when she was getting into the coach she had a vision of
a forgotten coffee-pot on the back-kitchen hob, and after she was
shut in, a dismal recollection of a green umbrella behind some
unknown door. At last Nicholas, in a condition of absolute despair,
ordered the coachman to drive away, and in the unexpected jerk
of a sudden starting, Mrs Nickleby lost a shilling among the straw,
which fortunately confined her attention to the coach until it was
too late to remember anything else.

Having seen everything safely out, discharged the servant, and
locked the door, Nicholas jumped into a cabriolet and drove to a
bye place near Golden Square where he had appointed to meet
Noggs; and so quickly had everything been done, that it was
barely half-past nine when he reached the place of meeting.

‘Here is the letter for Ralph,’ said Nicholas, ‘and here the key.

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