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Chapter 35

Smike becomes known to Mrs Nickleby and Kate.
Nicholas also meets with new Acquaintances.
Brighter Days seem to dawn upon the Family.

Having established his mother and sister in the
apartments of the kind-hearted miniature painter, and
ascertained that Sir Mulberry Hawk was in no danger of
losing his life, Nicholas turned his thoughts to poor Smike, who,
after breakfasting with Newman Noggs, had remained, in a
disconsolate state, at that worthy creature’s lodgings, waiting, with
much anxiety, for further intelligence of his protector.

‘As he will be one of our own little household, wherever we live,
or whatever fortune is in reserve for us,’ thought Nicholas, ‘I must
present the poor fellow in due form. They will be kind to him for
his own sake, and if not (on that account solely) to the full extent I
could wish, they will stretch a point, I am sure, for mine.’

Nicholas said ‘they’, but his misgivings were confined to one
person. He was sure of Kate, but he knew his mother’s
peculiarities, and was not quite so certain that Smike would find
favour in the eyes of Mrs Nickleby.

‘However,’ thought Nicholas as he departed on his benevolent
errand; ‘she cannot fail to become attached to him, when she
knows what a devoted creature he is, and as she must quickly
make the discovery, his probation will be a short one.’

‘I was afraid,’ said Smike, overjoyed to see his friend again,
‘that you had fallen into some fresh trouble; the time seemed so

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