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To recount all the delight and wonder which the circumstances
just detailed awakened at Miss La Creevy’s, and all the things that
were done, said, thought, expected, hoped, and prophesied in
consequence, is beside the present course and purpose of these
adventures. It is sufficient to state, in brief, that Mr Timothy
Linkinwater arrived, punctual to his appointment; that, oddity as
he was, and jealous, as he was bound to be, of the proper exercise
of his employers’ most comprehensive liberality, he reported
strongly and warmly in favour of Nicholas; and that, next day, he
was appointed to the vacant stool in the counting-house of
Cheeryble, Brothers, with a present salary of one hundred and
twenty pounds a year.

‘And I think, my dear brother,’ said Nicholas’s first friend, ‘that
if we were to let them that little cottage at Bow which is empty, at
something under the usual rent, now? Eh, brother Ned?’

‘For nothing at all,’ said brother Ned. ‘We are rich, and should
be ashamed to touch the rent under such circumstances as these.
Where is Tim Linkinwater?--for nothing at all, my dear brother,
for nothing at all.’

‘Perhaps it would be better to say something, brother Ned,’
suggested the other, mildly; ‘it would help to preserve habits of
frugality, you know, and remove any painful sense of
overwhelming obligations. We might say fifteen pound, or twenty
pound, and if it was punctually paid, make it up to them in some
other way. And I might secretly advance a small loan towards a
little furniture, and you might secretly advance another small loan,
brother Ned; and if we find them doing well--as we shall; there’s
no fear, no fear--we can change the loans into gifts. Carefully,

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