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Chapter 36

Private and confidential; relating to Family Matters.
Showing how Mr Kenwigs underwent violent
Agitation, and how Mrs Kenwigs was as well as
could be expected.

It might have been seven o’clock in the evening, and it was
growing dark in the narrow streets near Golden Square, when
Mr Kenwigs sent out for a pair of the cheapest white kid
gloves--those at fourteen-pence--and selecting the strongest,
which happened to be the right-hand one, walked downstairs with
an air of pomp and much excitement, and proceeded to muffle the
knob of the street-door knocker therein. Having executed this task
with great nicety, Mr Kenwigs pulled the door to, after him, and
just stepped across the road to try the effect from the opposite side
of the street. Satisfied that nothing could possibly look better in its
way, Mr Kenwigs then stepped back again, and calling through
the keyhole to Morleena to open the door, vanished into the house,
and was seen no longer.

Now, considered as an abstract circumstance, there was no
more obvious cause or reason why Mr Kenwigs should take the
trouble of muffling this particular knocker, than there would have
been for his muffling the knocker of any nobleman or gentleman
resident ten miles off; because, for the greater convenience of the
numerous lodgers, the street-door always stood wide open, and
the knocker was never used at all. The first floor, the second floor,
and the third floor, had each a bell of its own. As to the attics, no

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