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some seconds, in that attitude. ‘Villain, ass, traitor!’

‘Drat the man!’ cried the nurse, looking angrily around. ‘What
does he mean by making that noise here?’

‘Silence, woman!’ said Mr Kenwigs, fiercely.
‘I won’t be silent,’ returned the nurse. ‘Be silent yourself, you
wretch. Have you no regard for your baby?’

‘No!’ returned Mr Kenwigs.
‘More shame for you,’ retorted the nurse. ‘Ugh! you unnatural

‘Let him die,’ cried Mr Kenwigs, in the torrent of his wrath. ‘Let
him die! He has no expectations, no property to come into. We
want no babies here,’ said Mr Kenwigs recklessly. ‘Take ’em away,
take ’em away to the Fondling!’

With these awful remarks, Mr Kenwigs sat himself down in a
chair, and defied the nurse, who made the best of her way into the
adjoining room, and returned with a stream of matrons: declaring
that Mr Kenwigs had spoken blasphemy against his family, and
must be raving mad.

Appearances were certainly not in Mr Kenwigs’s favour, for the
exertion of speaking with so much vehemence, and yet in such a
tone as should prevent his lamentations reaching the ears of Mrs
Kenwigs, had made him very black in the face; besides which, the
excitement of the occasion, and an unwonted indulgence in
various strong cordials to celebrate it, had swollen and dilated his
features to a most unusual extent. But, Nicholas and the doctor--
who had been passive at first, doubting very much whether Mr
Kenwigs could be in earnest--interfering to explain the immediate
cause of his condition, the indignation of the matrons was changed
to pity, and they implored him, with much feeling, to go quietly to

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