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wait three days and see whether the bird revived; how, before half
the time was out, the bird did revive; and how he went on reviving
and picking up his appetite and good looks until he gradually
became what--‘what you see him now, sir,’--Tim would say,
glancing proudly at the cage. And with that, Tim would utter a
melodious chirrup, and cry ‘Dick;’ and Dick, who, for any sign of
life he had previously given, might have been a wooden or stuffed
representation of a blackbird indifferently executed, would come
to the side of the cage in three small jumps, and, thrusting his bill
between the bars, turn his sightless head towards his old master--
and at that moment it would be very difficult to determine which
of the two was the happier, the bird or Tim Linkinwater.

Nor was this all. Everything gave back, besides, some reflection
of the kindly spirit of the brothers. The warehousemen and
porters were such sturdy, jolly fellows, that it was a treat to see
them. Among the shipping announcements and steam-packet list’s
which decorated the counting-house wall, were designs for
almshouses, statements of charities, and plans for new hospitals. A
blunderbuss and two swords hung above the chimney-piece, for
the terror of evil-doers, but the blunderbuss was rusty and
shattered, and the swords were broken and edgeless. Elsewhere,
their open display in such a condition would have realised a smile;
but, there, it seemed as though even violent and offensive weapons
partook of the reigning influence, and became emblems of mercy
and forbearance.

Such thoughts as these occurred to Nicholas very strongly, on
the morning when he first took possession of the vacant stool, and
looked about him, more freely and at ease, than he had before
enjoyed an opportunity of doing. Perhaps they encouraged and

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