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ears. Alive to every sound, in his anxious and expectant state,
Newman hurried downstairs, and, uttering a cry of joyful surprise,
dragged the welcome visitor into the passage and up the stairs,
and said not a word until he had him safe in his own garret and
the door was shut behind them, when he mixed a great mug-full of
gin-and-water, and holding it to Smike’s mouth, as one might hold
a bowl of medicine to the lips of a refractory child, commanded
him to drain it to the last drop.

Newman looked uncommonly blank when he found that Smike
did little more than put his lips to the precious mixture; he was in
the act of raising the mug to his own mouth with a deep sigh of
compassion for his poor friend’s weakness, when Smike,
beginning to relate the adventures which had befallen him,
arrested him half-way, and he stood listening, with the mug in his

It was odd enough to see the change that came over Newman as
Smike proceeded. At first he stood, rubbing his lips with the back
of his hand, as a preparatory ceremony towards composing
himself for a draught; then, at the mention of Squeers, he took the
mug under his arm, and opening his eyes very wide, looked on, in
the utmost astonishment. When Smike came to the assault upon
himself in the hackney coach, he hastily deposited the mug upon
the table, and limped up and down the room in a state of the
greatest excitement, stopping himself with a jerk, every now and
then, as if to listen more attentively. When John Browdie came to
be spoken of, he dropped, by slow and gradual degrees, into a
chair, and rubbing, his hands upon his knees--quicker and
quicker as the story reached its climax--burst, at last, into a laugh
composed of one loud sonorous ‘Ha! ha!’ having given vent to

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