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cordial, and the young gentleman imitated him in this respect so
well, that the usual stiffness and formality of a first meeting
showed no signs of appearing, and Kate really more than once
detected herself in the very act of wondering when it was going to

At the tea-table there was plenty of conversation on a great
variety of subjects, nor were there wanting jocose matters of
discussion, such as they were; for young Mr Cheeryble’s recent
stay in Germany happening to be alluded to, old Mr Cheeryble
informed the company that the aforesaid young Mr Cheeryble was
suspected to have fallen deeply in love with the daughter of a
certain German burgomaster. This accusation young Mr
Cheeryble most indignantly repelled, upon which Mrs Nickleby
slyly remarked, that she suspected, from the very warmth of the
denial, there must be something in it. Young Mr Cheeryble then
earnestly entreated old Mr Cheeryble to confess that it was all a
jest, which old Mr Cheeryble at last did, young Mr Cheeryble
being so much in earnest about it, that--as Mrs Nickleby said
many thousand times afterwards in recalling the scene--he ‘quite
coloured,’ which she rightly considered a memorable
circumstance, and one worthy of remark, young men not being as
a class remarkable for modesty or self-denial, especially when
there is a lady in the case, when, if they colour at all, it is rather
their practice to colour the story, and not themselves.

After tea there was a walk in the garden, and the evening being
very fine they strolled out at the garden-gate into some lanes and
bye-roads, and sauntered up and down until it grew quite dark.
The time seemed to pass very quickly with all the party. Kate went
first, leaning upon her brother’s arm, and talking with him and Mr

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