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‘The call must originate with me, my dear,’ said Mrs Nickleby,
‘that’s indispensable. The fact is, my dear, that it’s necessary there
should be a sort of condescension on my part, and that I should
show this young person that I am willing to take notice of her.
There’s a very respectable-looking young man,’ added Mrs
Nickleby, after a short consideration, ‘who is conductor to one of
the omnibuses that go by here, and who wears a glazed hat--your
sister and I have noticed him very often--he has a wart upon his
nose, Kate, you know, exactly like a gentleman’s servant.’

‘Have all gentlemen’s servants warts upon their noses, mother?’
asked Nicholas.

‘Nicholas, my dear, how very absurd you are,’ returned his
mother; ‘of course I mean that his glazed hat looks like a
gentleman’s servant, and not the wart upon his nose; though even
that is not so ridiculous as it may seem to you, for we had a footboy
once, who had not only a wart, but a wen also, and a very large
wen too, and he demanded to have his wages raised in
consequence, because he found it came very expensive. Let me
see, what was I--oh yes, I know. The best way that I can think of
would be to send a card, and my compliments, (I’ve no doubt he’d
take ’em for a pot of porter,) by this young man, to the Saracen
with Two Necks. If the waiter took him for a gentleman’s servant,
so much the better. Then all Mrs Browdie would have to do would
be to send her card back by the carrier (he could easily come with
a double knock), and there’s an end of it.’

‘My dear mother,’ said Nicholas, ‘I don’t suppose such
unsophisticated people as these ever had a card of their own, or
ever will have.’

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