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‘You won’t give him up?’ said Snawley.
‘I would not give him up against his will, to be the victim of
such brutality as that to which you would consign him,’ replied
Nicholas, ‘if he were a dog or a rat.’

‘Knock that Nickleby down with a candlestick,’ cried Mr
Squeers, through the keyhole, ‘and bring out my hat, somebody,
will you, unless he wants to steal it.’

‘I am very sorry, indeed,’ said Mrs Nickleby, who, with Mrs
Browdie, had stood crying and biting her fingers in a corner, while
Kate (very pale, but perfectly quiet) had kept as near her brother
as she could. ‘I am very sorry, indeed, for all this. I really don’t
know what would be best to do, and that’s the truth. Nicholas
ought to be the best judge, and I hope he is. Of course, it’s a hard
thing to have to keep other people’s children, though young Mr
Snawley is certainly as useful and willing as it’s possible for
anybody to be; but, if it could be settled in any friendly manner--if
old Mr Snawley, for instance, would settle to pay something
certain for his board and lodging, and some fair arrangement was
come to, so that we undertook to have fish twice a week, and a
pudding twice, or a dumpling, or something of that sort--I do
think that it might be very satisfactory and pleasant for all parties.’

This compromise, which was proposed with abundance of tears
and sighs, not exactly meeting the point at issue, nobody took any
notice of it; and poor Mrs Nickleby accordingly proceeded to
enlighten Mrs Browdie upon the advantages of such a scheme,
and the unhappy results flowing, on all occasions, from her not
being attended to when she proffered her advice.

‘You, sir,’ said Snawley, addressing the terrified Smike, ‘are an
unnatural, ungrateful, unlovable boy. You won’t let me love you

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