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he remarked with a mysterious air that he had heard a medical
gentleman as went down to Grantham last week, say how that
snuff-taking was bad for the eyes; but for his part he had never
found it so, and what he said was, that everybody should speak as
they found. Nobody attempting to controvert this position, he took
a small brown-paper parcel out of his hat, and putting on a pair of
horn spectacles (the writing being crabbed) read the direction
half-a-dozen times over; having done which, he consigned the
parcel to its old place, put up his spectacles again, and stared at
everybody in turn. After this, he took another blow at the horn by
way of refreshment; and, having now exhausted his usual topics of
conversation, folded his arms as well as he could in so many coats,
and falling into a solemn silence, looked carelessly at the familiar
objects which met his eye on every side as the coach rolled on; the
only things he seemed to care for, being horses and droves of
cattle, which he scrutinised with a critical air as they were passed
upon the road.

The weather was intensely and bitterly cold; a great deal of
snow fell from time to time; and the wind was intolerably keen. Mr
Squeers got down at almost every stage--to stretch his legs as he
said--and as he always came back from such excursions with a
very red nose, and composed himself to sleep directly, there is
reason to suppose that he derived great benefit from the process.
The little pupils having been stimulated with the remains of their
breakfast, and further invigorated by sundry small cups of a
curious cordial carried by Mr Squeers, which tasted very like
toast-and-water put into a brandy bottle by mistake, went to sleep,
woke, shivered, and cried, as their feelings prompted. Nicholas
and the good-tempered man found so many things to talk about,

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