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like your poor papa. However, I have my consolation, and that
should be enough for me!’

Washing her hands, thus, of all responsibility under this head,
past, present, or to come, Mrs Nickleby kindly added that she
hoped her children might never have greater cause to reproach
themselves than she had, and prepared herself to receive the
escort, who soon returned with the intelligence that the old
gentleman was safely housed, and that they found his custodians,
who had been making merry with some friends, wholly ignorant of
his absence.

Quiet being again restored, a delicious half-hour--so Frank
called it, in the course of subsequent conversation with Tim
Linkinwater as they were walking home--was spent in
conversation, and Tim’s watch at length apprising him that it was
high time to depart, the ladies were left alone, though not without
many offers on the part of Frank to remain until Nicholas arrived,
no matter what hour of the night it might be, if, after the late
neighbourly irruption, they entertained the least fear of being left
to themselves. As their freedom from all further apprehension,
however, left no pretext for his insisting on mounting guard, he
was obliged to abandon the citadel, and to retire with the trusty

Nearly three hours of silence passed away. Kate blushed to
find, when Nicholas returned, how long she had been sitting alone,
occupied with her own thoughts.

‘I really thought it had not been half an hour,’ she said.
‘They must have been pleasant thoughts, Kate,’ rejoined
Nicholas gaily, ‘to make time pass away like that. What were they

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