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‘It’s the same!’ cried Newman. ‘Sad story! Can you stand idly
by, and let that unnatural marriage take place without one
attempt to save her?’

‘What do you mean?’ exclaimed Nicholas, starting up;
‘marriage! are you mad?’

‘Are you? Is she? Are you blind, deaf, senseless, dead?’ said
Newman. ‘Do you know that within one day, by means of your
uncle Ralph, she will be married to a man as bad as he, and worse,
if worse there is? Do you know that, within one day, she will be
sacrificed, as sure as you stand there alive, to a hoary wretch--a
devil born and bred, and grey in devils’ ways?’

‘Be careful what you say,’ replied Nicholas. ‘For Heaven’s sake
be careful! I am left here alone, and those who could stretch out a
hand to rescue her are far away. What is it that you mean?’

‘I never heard her name,’ said Newman, choking with his
energy. ‘Why didn’t you tell me? How was I to know? We might, at
least, have had some time to think!’

‘What is it that you mean?’ cried Nicholas.
It was not an easy task to arrive at this information; but, after a
great quantity of extraordinary pantomime, which in no way
assisted it, Nicholas, who was almost as wild as Newman Noggs
himself, forced the latter down upon his seat and held him down
until he began his tale.

Rage, astonishment, indignation, and a storm of passions,
rushed through the listener’s heart, as the plot was laid bare. He
no sooner understood it all, than with a face of ashy paleness, and
trembling in every limb, he darted from the house.

‘Stop him!’ cried Newman, bolting out in pursuit. ‘He’ll be
doing something desperate; he’ll murder somebody. Hallo! there,

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