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reference to them, especially, I am enjoined to the strictest silence
on this subject. What right have I to betray the confidence reposed
in me, when nothing but a miracle can prevent this sacrifice?’

‘Think,’ urged Newman. ‘Is there no way.’
‘There is none,’ said Nicholas, in utter dejection. ‘Not one. The
father urges, the daughter consents. These demons have her in
their toils; legal right, might, power, money, and every influence
are on their side. How can I hope to save her?’

‘Hope to the last!’ said Newman, clapping him on the back.
‘Always hope; that’s a dear boy. Never leave off hoping; it don’t
answer. Do you mind me, Nick? It don’t answer. Don’t leave a
stone unturned. It’s always something, to know you’ve done the
most you could. But, don’t leave off hoping, or it’s of no use doing
anything. Hope, hope, to the last!’

Nicholas needed encouragement. The suddenness with which
intelligence of the two usurers’ plans had come upon him, the little
time which remained for exertion, the probability, almost
amounting to certainty itself, that a few hours would place
Madeline Bray for ever beyond his reach, consign her to
unspeakable misery, and perhaps to an untimely death; all this
quite stunned and overwhelmed him. Every hope connected with
her that he had suffered himself to form, or had entertained
unconsciously, seemed to fall at his feet, withered and dead. Every
charm with which his memory or imagination had surrounded
her, presented itself before him, only to heighten his anguish and
add new bitterness to his despair. Every feeling of sympathy for
her forlorn condition, and of admiration for her heroism and
fortitude, aggravated the indignation which shook him in every
limb, and swelled his heart almost to bursting.

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