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You’ll bring your threats here, will you?’ said Gride, whom
jealousy of Nicholas and a sense of his own triumph had converted
into a perfect fiend. ‘You, the disappointed lover? Oh dear! He! he!
he! But you shan’t have her, nor she you. She’s my wife, my doting
little wife. Do you think she’ll miss you? Do you think she’ll weep?
I shall like to see her weep, I shan’t mind it. She looks prettier in

‘Villain!’ said Nicholas, choking with his rage.
‘One minute more,’ cried Arthur Gride, ‘and I’ll rouse the street
with such screams, as, if they were raised by anybody else, should
wake me even in the arms of pretty Madeline.’

‘You hound!’ said Nicholas. ‘If you were but a younger man--’
‘Oh yes!’ sneered Arthur Gride, ‘If I was but a younger man it
wouldn’t be so bad; but for me, so old and ugly! To be jilted by
little Madeline for me!’

‘Hear me,’ said Nicholas, ‘and be thankful I have enough
command over myself not to fling you into the street, which no aid
could prevent my doing if I once grappled with you. I have been no
lover of this lady’s. No contract or engagement, no word of love,
has ever passed between us. She does not even know my name.’

‘I’ll ask it for all that. I’ll beg it of her with kisses,’ said Arthur
Gride. ‘Yes, and she’ll tell me, and pay them back, and we’ll laugh
together, and hug ourselves, and be very merry, when we think of
the poor youth that wanted to have her, but couldn’t because she
was bespoke by me!’

This taunt brought such an expression into the face of Nicholas,
that Arthur Gride plainly apprehended it to be the forerunner of
his putting his threat of throwing him into the street in immediate
execution; for he thrust his head out of the window, and holding

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