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that still hung in alarm above the heads of the intruders.

Crawling on all fours, I made steadily but slowly towards them,
till at last, raising my head to an aperture among the leaves, I
could see clear down into a little green dell beside the marsh, and
closely set about with trees, where Long John Silver and another
of the crew stood face to face in conversation.

The sun beat full upon them. Silver had thrown his hat beside
him on the ground, and his great, smooth, blond face, all shining
with heat, was lifted to the other man’s in a kind of appeal.

“Mate,” he was saying, “it’s because I thinks gold dust of you--
gold dust, and you may lay to that! If I hadn’t took to you like
pitch, do you think I’d have been here a-warning of you? All’s up--
you can’t make nor mend; it’s to save your neck that I’m a-
speaking, and if one of the wild uns knew it, where’d I be, Tom--
now, tell me, where’d I be?”

“Silver,” said the other man--and I observed he was not only
red in the face, but spoke as hoarse as a crow, and his voice shook
too, like a taut rope--”Silver,” says he, “you’re old, and you’re
honest, or has the name for it; and you’ve money too, which lots of
poor sailors hasn’t; and you’re brave, or I’m mistook. And will you
tell me you’ll let yourself be led away with that kind of a mess of
swabs? Not you! As sure as God sees me, I’d sooner lose my hand.
If I turn agin my dooty--”

And then all of a sudden he was interrupted by a noise. I had
found one of the honest hands--well, here, at that same moment,
came news of another. Far away out in the marsh there arose, all
of a sudden, a sound like the cry of anger, then another on the
back of it; and then one horrid, long-drawn scream. The rocks of
the Spy-glass re-echoed it a score of times; the whole troop of

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