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thinking no doubt to take us on the rear. But when they saw
Redruth waiting for them in the sparred galley, they went about
ship at once, and a head popped out again on deck.

“Down, dog!” cries the captain.
And the head popped back again; and we heard no more, for
the time, of these six very faint-hearted seamen.

By this time, tumbling things in as they came, we had the jolly-
boat loaded as much as we dared. Joyce and I got out through the
stern-port, and we made for shore again as fast as oars could take

This second trip fairly aroused the watchers along shore.
“Lillibullero” was dropped again; and just before we lost sight of
them behind the little point, one of them whipped ashore and
disappeared. I had half a mind to change my plan and destroy
their boats, but I feared that Silver and the others might be close
at hand, and all might very well be lost by trying for too much.

We had soon touched land in the same place as before and set
to provision the block house. All three made the first journey,
heavily laden, and tossed our stores over the palisade. Then,
leaving Joyce to guard them--one man, to be sure, but with half a
dozen muskets-- Hunter and I returned to the jolly-boat and
loaded ourselves once more. So we proceeded without pausing to
take breath, till the whole cargo was bestowed, when the two
servants took up their position in the block house, and I, with all
my power, sculled back to the Hispaniola.

That we should have risked a second boat load seems more
daring than it really was. They had the advantage of numbers, of
course, but we had the advantage of arms. Not one of the men
ashore had a musket, and before they could get within range for

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