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But this was not so easily answered. There had come many
from the north--seven by the squire’s computation, eight or nine
according to Gray. From the east and west only a single shot had
been fired. It was plain, therefore, that the attack would be
developed from the north and that on the other three sides we
were only to be annoyed by a show of hostilities. But Captain
Smollett made no change in his arrangements. If the mutineers
succeeded in crossing the stockade, he argued, they would take
possession of any unprotected loophole and shoot us down like
rats in our own stronghold.

Nor had we much time left to us for thought. Suddenly, with a
loud huzza, a little cloud of pirates leaped from the woods on the
north side and ran straight on the stockade. At the same moment,
the fire was once more opened from the woods, and a rifle ball
sang through the doorway and knocked the doctor’s musket into

The boarders swarmed over the fence like monkeys. Squire and
Gray fired again and yet again; three men fell, one forwards into
the enclosure, two back on the outside. But of these, one was
evidently more frightened than hurt, for he was on his feet again
in a crack and instantly disappeared among the trees.

Two had bit the dust, one had fled, four had made good their
footing inside our defences, while from the shelter of the woods
seven or eight men, each evidently supplied with several muskets,
kept up a hot though useless fire on the log-house.

The four who had boarded made straight before them for the
building, shouting as they ran, and the men among the trees
shouted back to encourage them. Several shots were fired, but
such was the hurry of the marksmen that not one appears to have

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