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next promontory without fail.

It was high time, for I now began to be tortured with thirst. The
glow of the sun from above, its thousandfold reflection from the
waves, the sea-water that fell and dried upon me, caking my very
lips with salt, combined to make my throat burn and my brain
ache. The sight of the trees so near at hand had almost made me
sick with longing, but the current had soon carried me past the
point, and as the next reach of sea opened out, I beheld a sight
that changed the nature of my thoughts.

Right in front of me, not half a mile away, I beheld the
Hispaniola under sail. I made sure, of course, that I should be
taken; but I was so distressed for want of water that I scarce knew
whether to be glad or sorry at the thought, and long before I had
come to a conclusion, surprise had taken entire possession of my
mind and I could do nothing but stare and wonder.

The Hispaniola was under her main-sail and two jibs, and the
beautiful white canvas shone in the sun like snow or silver. When I
first sighted her, all her sails were drawing; she was lying a course
about north-west, and I presumed the men on board were going
round the island on their way back to the anchorage. Presently
she began to fetch more and more to the westward, so that I
thought they had sighted me and were going about in chase. At
last, however, she fell right into the wind’s eye, was taken dead
aback, and stood there awhile helpless, with her sails shivering.

“Clumsy fellows,” said I; “they must still be drunk as owls.”
And I thought how Captain Smollett would have set them

Meanwhile the schooner gradually fell off and filled again upon
another tack, sailed swiftly for a minute or so, and brought up

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