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as dead as bilge; and whoís to sail this ship, I donít see. Without I
gives you a hint, you ainít that man, as farís I can tell. Now, look
here, you gives me food and drink and a old scarf or ankecher to
tie my wound up, you do, and Iíll tell you how to tail her, and thatís
about square all round, I take it.Ē

ďIíll tell you one thing,Ē says I: ďIím not going back to Captain
Kiddís anchorage. I mean to get into North Inlet and beach her
quietly there.Ē

ďTo be sure you did,Ē he cried. ďWhy, I ainít sich an infernal
lubber after all. I can see, canít I? Iíve tried my fling, I have, and
Iíve lost, and itís you has the wind of me. North Inlet? Why, I
havenít no chíice, not I! Iíd help you sail her up to Execution Dock,
by thunder! So I would.Ē

Well, as it seemed to me, there was some sense in this. We
struck our bargain on the spot. In three minutes I had the
Hispaniola sailing easily before the wind along the coast of
Treasure Island, with good hopes of turning the northern point
ere noon and beating down again as far as North Inlet before high
water, when we might beach her safely and wait till the subsiding
tide permitted us to land.

Then I lashed the tiller and went below to my own chest, where
I got a soft silk handkerchief of my motherís. With this, and with
my aid, Hands bound up the great bleeding stab he had received
in the thigh, and after he had eaten a little and had a swallow or
two more of the brandy, he began to pick up visibly, sat straighter
up, spoke louder and clearer, and looked in every way another

The breeze served us admirably. We skimmed before it like a
bird, the coast of the island flashing by and the view changing

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