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had a good light, “That’ll do, lad,” he added; “stick the glim in the
wood heap; and you, gentlemen, bring yourselves to! You needn’t
stand up for Mr. Hawkins; he’ll excuse you, you may lay to that.
And so, Jim”--stopping the tobacco--”here you were, and quite a
pleasant surprise for poor old John. I see you were smart when
first I set my eyes on you, but this here gets away from me clean, it

To all this, as may be well supposed, I made no answer. They
had set me with my back against the wall, and I stood there,
looking Silver in the face, pluckily enough, I hope, to all outward
appearance, but with black despair in my heart.

Silver took a whiff or two of his pipe with great composure and
then ran on again.

“Now, you see, Jim, so be as you are here,” says he, “I’ll give
you a piece of my mind. I’ve always liked you, I have, for a lad of
spirit, and the picter of my own self when I was young and
handsome. I always wanted you to jine and take your share, and
die a gentleman, and now, my cock, you’ve got to. Cap’n Smollett’s
a fine seaman, as I’ll own up to any day, but stiff on discipline.
‘Dooty is dooty,’ says he, and right he is. Just you keep clear of the
cap’n. The doctor himself is gone dead again you--’ungrateful
scamp’ was what he said; and the short and the long of the whole
story is about here: you can’t go back to your own lot, for they
won’t have you; and without you start a third ship’s company all
by yourself, which might be lonely, you’ll have to jine with Cap’n

So far so good. My friends, then, were still alive, and though I
partly believed the truth of Silver’s statement, that the cabin party
were incensed at me for my desertion, I was more relieved than

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