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bargained, him and I, and here we are: stores, brandy, block
house, the firewood you was thoughtful enough to cut, and in a
manner of speaking, the whole blessed boat, from cross-trees to
kelson. As for them, they’ve tramped; I don’t know where’s they

He drew again quietly at his pipe.
“And lest you should take it into that head of yours,” he went
on, “that you was included in the treaty, here’s the last word that
was said: ‘How many are you,’ says I, ‘to leave?’ ‘Four,’ says he;
‘four, and one of us wounded. As for that boy, I don’t know where
he is, confound him,’ says he, ‘nor I don’t much care. We’re about
sick of him.’ These was his words.

“Is that all?” I asked.
“Well, it’s all that you’re to hear, my son,” returned Silver.
“And now I am to choose?”

“And now you are to choose, and you may lay to that,” said

“Well,” said I, “I am not such a fool but I know pretty well what
I have to look for. Let the worst come to the worst, it’s little I care.
I’ve seen too many die since I fell in with you. But there’s a thing
or two I have to tell you,” I said, and by this time I was quite
excited; “and the first is this: here you are, in a bad way--ship lost,
treasure lost, men lost, your whole business gone to wreck; and if
you want to know who did it--it was I! I was in the apple barrel the
night we sighted land, and I heard you, John, and you, Dick
Johnson, and Hands, who is now at the bottom of the sea, and told
every word you said before the hour was out. And as for the
schooner, it was I who cut her cable, and it was I that killed the
men you had aboard of her, and it was I who brought her where

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