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“Mighty pretty,” said George. “But how are we to get away with
it, and us no ship.”

Silver suddenly sprang up, and supporting himself with a hand
against the wall: “Now I give you warning, George,” he cried. “One
more word of your sauce, and I’ll call you down and fight you.
How? Why, how do I know? You had ought to tell me that--you
and the rest, that lost me my schooner, with your interference,
burn you! But not you, you can’t; you hain’t got the invention of a
cockroach. But civil you can speak, and shall, George Merry, you
may lay to that.”

“That’s fair enow,” said the old man Morgan.
“Fair! I reckon so,” said the sea-cook. “You lost the ship; I
found the treasure. Who’s the better man at that? And now I
resign, by thunder! Elect whom you please to be your cap’n now;
I’m done with it.”

“Silver!” they cried. “Barbecue forever! Barbecue for cap’n!”
“So that’s the toon, is it?” cried the cook. “George, I reckon
you’ll have to wait another turn, friend; and lucky for you as I’m
not a revengeful man. But that was never my way. And now,
shipmates, this black spot? ‘Tain’t much good now, is it? Dick’s
crossed his luck and spoiled his Bible, and that’s about all.”

“It’ll do to kiss the book on still, won’t it?” growled Dick, who
was evidently uneasy at the curse he had brought upon himself.

“A Bible with a bit cut out!” returned Silver derisively. “Not it.
It don’t bind no more’n a ballad-book.”

“Don’t it, though?” cried Dick with a sort of joy. “Well, I reckon
that’s worth having too.”

“Here, Jim--here’s a cur’osity for you,” said Silver, and he
tossed me the paper.

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