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and just below high water. At half tide she must be high and dry.”

“The ship!” exclaimed the doctor.
Rapidly I described to him my adventures, and he heard me out
in silence.

“There is a kind of fate in this,” he observed when I had done.
“Every step, it’s you that saves our lives; and do you suppose by
any chance that we are going to let you lose yours? That would be
a poor return, my boy. You found out the plot; you found Ben
Gunn--the best deed that ever you did, or will do, though you live
to ninety. Oh, by Jupiter, and talking of Ben Gunn! Why, this is the
mischief in person. Silver!” he cried. “Silver! I’ll give you a piece
of advice,” he continued as the cook drew near again; “don’t you
be in any great hurry after that treasure.”

“Why, sir, I do my possible, which that ain’t,” said Silver. “I can
only, asking your pardon, save my life and the boy’s by seeking for
that treasure; and you may lay to that.”

“Well, Silver,” replied the doctor, “if that is so, I’ll go one step
further: look out for squalls when you find it.”

“Sir,” said Silver, “as between man and man, that’s too much
and too little. What you’re after, why you left the block house, why
you given me that there chart, I don’t know, now, do I? And yet I
done your bidding with my eyes shut and never a word of hope!
But no, this here’s too much. If you won’t tell me what you mean
plain out, just say so and I’ll leave the helm.”

“No,” said the doctor musingly; “I’ve no right to say more; it’s
not my secret, you see, Silver, or, I give you my word, I’d tell it
you. But I’ll go as far with you as I dare go, and a step beyond, for
I’ll have my wig sorted by the captain or I’m mistaken! And first,
I’ll give you a bit of hope; Silver, if we both get alive out of this

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