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Savannah, singing and shouting for drink-- had there, with his
own hand, cut down his six accomplices. This grove that was now
so peaceful must then have rung with cries, I thought; and even
with the thought I could believe I heard it ringing still.

We were now at the margin of the thicket.
“Huzza, mates, all together!” shouted Merry; and the foremost
broke into a run.

And suddenly, not ten yards further, we beheld them stop. A
low cry arose. Silver doubled his pace, digging away with the foot
of his crutch like one possessed; and next moment he and I had
come also to a dead halt.

Before us was a great excavation, not very recent, for the sides
had fallen in and grass had sprouted on the bottom. In this were
the shaft of a pick broken in two and the boards of several
packing-cases strewn around. On one of these boards I saw,
branded with a hot iron, the name Walrus--the name of Flint’s

All was clear to probation. The cache had been found and rifled;
the seven hundred thousand pounds were gone!

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