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evening to you, friend Jim. What good wind brings you here?”

The supervisor stood up straight and stiff and told his story like
a lesson; and you should have seen how the two gentlemen leaned
forward and looked at each other, and forgot to smoke in their
surprise and interest. When they heard how my mother went back
to the inn, Dr. Livesey fairly slapped his thigh, and the squire
cried “Bravo!” and broke his long pipe against the grate. Long
before it was done, Mr. Trelawney (that, you will remember, was
the squire’s name) had got up from his seat and was striding about
the room, and the doctor, as if to hear the better, had taken off his
powdered wig and sat there looking very strange indeed with his
own close-cropped black poll.”

At last Mr. Dance finished the story.
“Mr. Dance,” said the squire, “you are a very noble fellow. And
as for riding down that black, atrocious miscreant, I regard it as an
act of virtue, sir, like stamping on a cockroach. This lad Hawkins is
a trump, I perceive. Hawkins, will you ring that bell? Mr. Dance
must have some ale.”

“And so, Jim,” said the doctor, “you have the thing that they
were after, have you?”

“Here it is, sir,” said I, and gave him the oilskin packet.
The doctor looked it all over, as if his fingers were itching to
open it; but instead of doing that, he put it quietly in the pocket of
his coat.

“Squire,” said he, “when Dance has had his ale he must, of
course, be off on his Majesty’s service; but I mean to keep Jim
Hawkins here to sleep at my house, and with your permission, I
propose we should have up the cold pie and let him sup.”

“As you will, Livesey,” said the squire; “Hawkins has earned

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