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overheard was the last act in the corruption of one of the honest
hands--perhaps of the last one left aboard. But on this point I was
soon to be relieved, for Silver giving a little whistle, a third man
strolled up and sat down by the party.

“Dick’s square,” said Silver.
“Oh, I know’d Dick was square,” returned the voice of the
coxswain, Israel Hands. “He’s no fool, is Dick.” And he turned his
quid and spat. “But look here,” he went on, “here’s what I want to
know, Barbecue: how long are we a-going to stand off and on like
a blessed bumboat? I’ve had a’most enough o’ Cap’n Smollett; he’s
hazed me long enough, by thunder! I want to go into that cabin, I
do. I want their pickles and wines, and that.”

“Israel,” said Silver, “your head ain’t much account, nor ever
was. But you’re able to hear, I reckon; leastways, your ears is big
enough. Now, here’s what I say: you’ll berth forward, and you’ll
live hard, and you’ll speak soft, and you’ll keep sober till I give the
word; and you may lay to that, my son.”

“Well, I don’t say no, do I?” growled the coxswain. “What I say
is, when? That’s what I say.”

“When! By the powers!” cried Silver. “Well now, if you want to
know, I’ll tell you when. The last moment I can manage, and that’s
when. Here’s a first-rate seaman, Cap’n Smollett, sails the blessed
ship for us. Here’s this squire and doctor with a map and such--I
don’t know where it is, do I? No more do you, says you. Well then,
I mean this squire and doctor shall find the stuff, and help us to
get it aboard, by the powers. Then we’ll see. If I was sure of you
all, sons of double Dutchmen, I’d have Cap’n Smollett navigate us
half-way back again before I struck.”

“Why, we’re all seamen aboard here, I should think,” said the

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