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what I call business. Well, what would you think? Put ‘em ashore
like maroons? That would have been England’s way. Or cut ‘em
down like that much pork? That would have been Flint’s, or Billy

“Billy was the man for that,” said Israel. “‘Dead men don’t bite,’
says he. Well, he’s dead now hisself; he knows the long and short
on it now; and if ever a rough hand come to port, it was Billy.”

“Right you are,” said Silver; “rough and ready. But mark you
here, I’m an easy man--I’m quite the gentleman, says you; but this
time it’s serious. Dooty is dooty, mates. I give my vote--death.
When I’m in Parlyment and riding in my coach, I don’t want none
of these sea-lawyers in the cabin a-coming home, unlooked for,
like the devil at prayers. Wait is what I say; but when the time
comes, why, let her rip!”

“John,” cries the coxswain, “you’re a man!”
“You’ll say so, Israel when you see,” said Silver. “Only one
thing I claim--I claim Trelawney. I’ll wring his calf’s head off his
body with these hands, Dick!” he added, breaking off. “You just
jump up, like a sweet lad, and get me an apple, to wet my pipe

You may fancy the terror I was in! I should have leaped out and
run for it if I had found the strength, but my limbs and heart alike
misgave me. I heard Dick begin to rise, and then someone
seemingly stopped him, and the voice of Hands exclaimed, “Oh,
stow that! Don’t you get sucking of that bilge, John. Let’s have a go
of the rum.” “Dick,” said Silver, “I trust you. I’ve a gauge on the
keg, mind. There’s the key; you fill a pannikin and bring it up.”

Terrified as I was, I could not help thinking to myself that this
must have been how Mr. Arrow got the strong waters that

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