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Though I cannot say I made a gentle nurse, and Joseph and the
master were no better, and though our patient was as wearisome
and headstrong as a patient could be, she weathered it through.

Old Mrs. Linton paid us several visits, to be sure, and set things
to rights, and scolded and ordered us all; and when Catherine was
convalescent, she insisted on conveying her to Thrushcross
Grange; for which deliverance we were very grateful. But the poor
dame had reason to repent of her kindness: she and her husband
both took the fever, and died within a few days of each other.

Our young lady returned to us, saucier and more passionate,
and haughtier than ever. Heathcliff had never been heard of since
the evening of the thunderstorm; and one day I had the
misfortune, when she had provoked me exceedingly, to lay the
blame of his disappearance on her,--where indeed it belonged, as
she well knew. From that period, for several months, she ceased to
hold any communication with me, save in the relation of a mere
servant. Joseph fell under a ban also: he would speak his mind,
and lecture her all the same as if she were a little girl; and she
esteemed herself a woman, and our mistress, and thought that her
recent illness gave her a claim to be treated with consideration.
Then the doctor had said that she would not bear crossing much,
she ought to have her own way; and it was nothing less than
murder in her eyes for any one to presume to stand up and
contradict her.

From Mr. Earnshaw and his companions she kept aloof; and
tutored by Kenneth, and serious threats of a fit that often attended
her rages, her brother allowed her whatever she pleased to
demand, and generally avoided aggravating her fiery temper. He
was rather too indulgent in humouring her caprices; not from

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