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continue the history of Mr. Heathcliff, from where you left off, to
the present day. Did he finish his education on the Continent, and
come back a gentleman? or did he get a sizar’s place at college, or
escape to America, and earn honours by drawing blood from his
foster-country? or make a fortune more promptly, on the English

“He may have done a little in all these vocations, Mr.
Lockwood; but I couldn’t give my word for any. I stated before
that I didn’t know how he gained his money; neither am I aware of
the means he took to raise his mind from the savage ignorance
into which it was sunk; but, with your leave, I’ll proceed in my own
fashion, if you think it will amuse and not weary you. Are you
feeling better this morning?”

“That’s good news.”

I got Miss Catherine and myself to Thrushcross Grange; and, to
my agreeable disappointment, she behaved infinitely better than I
dared to expect. She seemed almost overfond of Mr. Linton; and
even to his sister she showed plenty of affection. They were both
very attentive to her comfort, certainly. It was not the thorn
bending to the honeysuckles, but the honeysuckles embracing the
thorn. There were no mutual concessions,--one stood erect, and
the other yielded; and who can be ill-natured and bad-tempered
when they encounter neither opposition nor indifference?

I observed that Mr. Edgar had a deep-rooted fear of ruffling her
humour. He concealed it from her; but if ever he heard me answer
sharply, or saw any other servant grow cloudy at some imperious
order of hers, he would show his trouble by a frown of displeasure

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