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something in the manner of pronouncing my name which made it
sound familiar. I turned about to discover who spoke, fearfully; for
the doors were shut, and I had seen nobody on approaching the

Something stirred in the porch, and, moving nearer, I
distinguished a tall man dressed in dark clothes, with dark face
and hair. He leant against the side, and held his fingers on the
latch as if intending to open for himself. “Who can it be?” I
thought. “Mr. Earnshaw? Oh, no! The voice has no resemblance to

“I have waited here an hour,” he resumed, while I continued
staring, “and the whole of that time all round has been as still as
death. I dared not enter. You do not know me? Look, I’m not a

A ray fell on his features; the cheeks were sallow, and half
covered with black whiskers; the brows lowering, the eyes deep
set and singular. I remembered the eyes.

“What!” I cried, uncertain whether to regard him as a worldly
visitor, and I raised my hands in amazement. “What! you come
back? Is it really you? Is it?”

“Yes, Heathcliff,” he replied, glancing from me up to the
windows, which reflected a score of glittering moons, but showed
no lights from within. “Are they at home?--where is she? Nelly,
you are not glad--you needn’t be so disturbed. Is she here? Speak!
I want to have one word with her--your mistress. Go, and say
some person from Gimmerton desires to see her.”

“How will she take it?” I exclaimed. “What will she do? The
surprise bewilders me--it will put her out of her head! And you
are Heathcliff! But altered! Nay, there’s no comprehending it.

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