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you absolutely seize and devour her up.”

“And I like her too ill to attempt it,” said he, “except in a very
ghoulish fashion. You’d hear of odd things if I lived alone with that
mawkish, waxen face; the most ordinary would be painting on its
white the colours of the rainbow, and turning the blue eyes black,
every day or two: they detestably resemble Linton’s.”

“Delectably!” observed Catherine. “They are dove’s eyes--

“She’s her brother’s heir, is she not?” he asked, after a brief

“I should be sorry to think so,” returned his companion. “Half-
a- dozen nephews shall erase her title, please heaven! Abstract
your mind from the subject at present,--you are too prone to covet
your neighbour’s goods; remember this neighbour’s goods are

“If they were mine, they would be none the less that,” said
Heathcliff; “but though Isabella Linton may be silly, she is scarcely
mad; and--in short, we’ll dismiss the matter, as you advise.”

From their tongues, they did dismiss it; and Catherine,
probably, from her thoughts. The other, I felt certain, recalled it
often in the course of the evening. I saw him smile to himself--grin
rather--and lapse into ominous musing whenever Mrs. Linton had
occasion to be absent from the apartment.

I determined to watch his movements. My heart invariably
cleaved to the master’s, in preference to Catherine’s side,--with
reason I imagined, for he was kind, and trustful, and honourable;
and she--she could not be called the opposite, yet she seemed to
allow herself such wide latitude, that I had little faith in her
principles, and still less sympathy for her feelings. I wanted

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