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I started--my bodily eye was cheated into a momentary belief
that the child lifted its face and stared straight into mine! It
vanished in a twinkling; but immediately I felt an irrestible
yearning to be at the Heights. Superstition urged me to comply
with this impulse--‘Supposing he should be dead!’ I thought--or
should die soon!--supposing it were a sign of death! The nearer I
got to the house the more agitated I grew; and on catching sight of
it I trembled in every limb. The apparition had outstripped me: it
stood looking through the gate. That was my first idea on
observing an elf-locked, brown-eyed boy setting his ruddy
countenance against the bars. Further reflection suggested this
must be Hareton, my Hareton, not altered greatly since I left him,
ten months since.

“God bless thee, darling!” I cried, forgetting instantaneously my
foolish fears. “Hareton, it’s Nelly--Nelly, thy nurse.”

He retreated out of arm’s length, and picked up a large flint.
“I am come to see thy father, Hareton,” I added, guessing from
the action that Nelly, if she lived in his memory at all, was not
recognized as one with me.

He raised his missile to hurl it; I commenced a soothing speech,
but could not stay the hand: the stone struck my bonnet; and then
ensued, from the stammering lips of the little fellow, a string of
curses, which, whether he comprehended them or not, were
delivered with practised emphasis, and distorted his baby features
into a shocking expression of malignity.

You may be certain this grieved more than angered me. Fit to
cry, I took an orange from my pocket, and offered it to propitiate

He hesitated, and then snatched it from my hold, as if he

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