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garden gate.

He went up the walk, and entered the house; but, instead of
Hindley, Heathcliff appeared on the doorstones; and I turned
directly and ran down the road as hard as ever I could race,
making no halt till I gained the guide-post, and feeling as scared as
if I had raised a goblin.

This is not much connected with Miss Isabella’s affair; except
that it urged me to resolve further on mounting vigilant guard,
and doing my utmost to check the spread of such bad influence at
the Grange, even though I should wake a domestic storm, by
thwarting Mrs. Linton’s pleasure.

The next time Heathcliff came, my young lady chanced to be
feeding some pigeons in the court. She had never spoken a word
to her sister-in-law for three days; but she had likewise dropped
her fretful complaining, and we found it a great comfort.

Heathcliff had not the habit of bestowing a single unnecessary
civility on Miss Linton, I knew. Now, as soon as he beheld her, his
first precaution was to take a sweeping survey of the house-front. I
was standing by the kitchen window, but I drew out of sight. He
then stepped across the pavement to her, and said something; she
seemed embarrassed, and desirous of getting away; to prevent it,
he laid his hand on her arm. She averted her face: he apparently
put some question which she had no mind to answer. There was
another rapid glance at the house, and supposing himself unseen,
the scoundrel had the impudence to embrace her.

“Judas! traitor!” I ejaculated. “You are a hypocrite, too, are
you? A deliberate deceiver.”

“Who is, Nelly?” said Catherine’s voice at my elbow; I had been
over-intent on watching the pair outside to mark her entrance.

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