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arm, and not noticing my refusal to obey her, she seemed to find
childish diversion in pulling the feathers from the rents she had
just made, and ranging them on the sheet according to their
different species: her mind had strayed to other associations.

“That’s a turkey’s,” she murmured to herself, “and this is a wild
duck’s, and this is a pigeon’s. Ah, they put pigeon’s feathers in the
pillows--no wonder I couldn’t die! Let me take care to throw it on
the floor when I lie down. And here is a moorcock’s; and this--I
should know it among a thousand--it’s a lapwing’s. Bonny bird,--
wheeling over our heads in the middle of the moor. It wanted to
get to its nest, for the clouds had touched the swells, and it felt rain
coming. This feather was picked up from the heath, the bird was
not shot; we saw its nest in the winter, full of little skeletons.
Heathcliff set a trap over it, and the old ones dare not come. I
made him promise he’d never shoot a lapwing after that, and he
didn’t. Yes, here are more! Did he shoot my lapwings, Nelly? Are
they red, any of them? Let me look.”

“Give over with that baby-work!” I interrupted, dragging the
pillow away, and turning the holes towards the mattress, for she
was removing its contents by handfuls. “Lie down and shut your
eyes: you’re wandering. There’s a mess! The down is flying about
like snow.”

I went here and there collecting it.
“I see in you, Nelly,” she continued dreamily, “an aged
woman--you have grey hair and bent shoulders. This bed is the
fairy cave under Penistone Crag, and you are gathering elf-bolts to
hurt our heifers, pretending, while I am near, that they are only
locks of wool. That’s what you’ll come to fifty years hence: I know
you are not so now. I’m not wandering, you’re mistaken, or else I

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