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“Speak lower, Mary--What is the matter?” said Mr. Linton.
“What ails your young lady?”

“She’s gone, she’s gone! Yon Heathcliff’s run off wi’ her!”
gasped the girl.

“That is not true!” exclaimed Linton, rising in agitation. “It
cannot be: how has the idea entered your head? Ellen Dean, go
and seek her--it is incredible--it cannot be.”

As he spoke he took the servant to the door, and then repeated
his demand to know her reasons for such an assertion.

“Why, I met on the road a lad that fetches milk here,” she
stammered, “and he asked whether we weren’t in trouble at the
Grange. I thought he meant for missis’s sickness, so I answered,
yes. Then says he, ‘They’s somebody gone after ’em, I guess?’ I
stared. He saw I knew naught about it, and he told how a
gentleman and lady had stopped to have a horse’s shoe fastened at
a blacksmith’s shop, two miles out of Gimmerton, not very long
after midnight! and how the blacksmith’s lass had got up to spy
who they were: she knew them both directly. And she noticed the
man--Heathcliff it was, she felt certain, nob’dy could mistake him,
besides--put a sovereign in her father’s hand for payment. The
lady had a cloak about her face; but having desired a sup of water,
while she drank, it fell back, and she saw her very plain. Heathcliff
held both bridles as they rode on, and they set their faces from the
village, and went as fast as the rough roads would let them. The
lass said nothing to her father, but she told it all over Gimmerton
this morning.”

I ran and peeped, for form’s sake, into Isabella’s room;
confirming, when I returned, the servant’s statement. Mr. Linton
had resumed his seat by the bed; on my re-entrance, he raised his

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